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Siblings' Support Hub 

Empowering Rare Connections
Luna, Evely and Skye

Welcome to our Siblings' Support Page, thoughtfully put together by our caring Sibling Support Coordinator and Consultant. We understand being a sibling to someone with a rare medical condition can feel challenging, but we've got your back! Explore fun activities, inspiring stories, and helpful resources – all designed to show you that you're not alone. Stick with us and let's make this adventure awesome! #SiblingsSupport #WeGotThis


Do you ever feel scared when your sibling has to stay overnight at the hospital? Or feel icky when people stare at your family in public? You're not alone. Read along with 7-year-old Luna as she shares some of the challenges--and the unique joys and triumphs--of having a sibling with physical and intellectual disabilities.

Created with the support of licensed clinical social workers with the aim of helping siblings of kids with disabilities identify, express and process their feelings. This book is intended to be read with a parent or trusted adult and spark family discussions you'll keep coming back to.

Proceeds support the center for siblings of people with disabilities. For more information, visit

Written by our Sibling Support Coordinator and Consultant, Luna Diaz.

More Siblings' Support Coming Soon...
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