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Privacy Policy

We want you to know that your information is safe with us. We use special codes to keep your data private when you send it to us.

All the important stuff you give us is kept in a super-secure place on our computers. We have special walls that keep out bad guys and alarms that tell us if anything strange is happening.

Only the people who really need to see your info can look at it. We make sure they know how to keep it safe.

We check everything a lot to make sure nothing's broken or not working right. If we ever find a problem, we have a plan to fix it fast.

And when we work with others, we make sure they are also very careful with your information.

You also have a part to play. Like using strong passwords and not sharing them. And if you ever see something weird, tell us.

We're here to make sure your info stays safe. If you want to ask anything about this, just get in touch.

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