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What is ImmUnity Play Circle? 

  •  Safe & Inclusive Playdates for Immune-Compromised Kids

  • Join Us for Fun, Games & Connections

  • Supporting Families Facing Rare Medical Conditions

  • No Cost Admissions

 It's a chance for children to explore, learn, and have fun in an environment specially designed for their needs.

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Because You Deserve It

Step into our world of heartfelt connections! Back in 2022, we launched the Medical Mom's Night Out program, a wonderful way for moms in the community who share the journey of medical caregiving to come together. Thanks to the incredible generosity of donors, we've been able to organize intimate gatherings where these exceptional mothers enjoyed self-care sessions, along with delicious food and drinks. Laughter echoed, tears were shared, and unbreakable bonds were forged – transforming acquaintances into lifelong friends.

The feedback has been beyond our expectations. Our events have resonated deeply with medical moms, who are already asking about our upcoming gatherings. And here's the exciting news: we're not limiting ourselves to just one state. We're committed to extending these cherished nights of connection to even more mothers, spreading support and unity regardless of geographical boundaries.


So, whether you're a mom navigating the intricate path of medical caregiving or you know someone who is, we wholeheartedly invite you to join our extended family. Be part of an evening filled with understanding, laughter, and heartwarming moments. Together, we're shaping a community where no one faces these challenges in isolation – where every connection brings a ray of light to illuminate the path ahead. Welcome to the essence of the Medical Mom's Night Out program!

"Through Evley's Eyes is an amazing foundation that I have personally benefited from. At the beginning it was virtual support which crossed into real life as I was able to attend a medical moms night out.

The foundation's ability to host these nights for medical moms is needed. Everyone wants a community and we quickly found out that being a medically complex family is one of the most isolating experiences. Many people simply do not know how to hold joy, gratitude and grief in the same time. This often leaves medical moms with a disappearing network of support. Friendships prior to the new journey slip away into a distant memory as we painfully awake to the loss of community.


Your support allows Through Evley's Eyes to host event for medical moms so we can regain some of what we lost by forging new friendships. Thank you for donating and supporting medical moms. Thank you Through Evley's Eyes for loving medical moms and families so we can support our complex children with the compassion and care they deserve. Our journey is worthy and rewarding."

Mary, SC

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